It was 6:30 pm and I got up from my regular evening nap when I heard my father sniffing rather loudly. I knew something was phoney so I ran like a stubborn child and saw the news that Micheal Jackson was no more. I stared at the words on the screen as it didn’t make any sense to me. But then it came to me like a jocular bolt, breaking me down. I could hardly breathe as my thoughts jammed my brain. I couldn’t believe the headlines as it was something very shocking, painful and ugly.

We all have lost something through the course of time and gained some too. But we lost a spark which ignited the whole world, an ethereal flame.

Today, I look down upon his inexplicable music, the famous “lean”, which defied gravity and the laws of physics.

After forty long years, people didn’t realise how influential and powerful he was back in 1980. Let me share some of the top intriguing facts with you all about “The King of Pop” which will rekindle your respect for him.

1. Michael As A Marvel Superhero?

In the early 1990s, Michael tried buying marvel comics when they had filed for bankruptcy. Unfortunately, he could not fulfill his dream producing and starring in a Spiderman film.

2. Pepsi Commercial Accident-1984

While filming a commercial, a scheduled explosion went off too early due to which his hair caught on fire. This resulted in third-degree burns on his scalp and face due to which he might have permanently tattooed his hairline after the disastrous accident.

3. The Night Of Grammy Awards

In 1984, Jackson, as a single artist broke the records by bagging eight Grammys in a night! No one till date was able to break that record by Jackson!

4. Weird Project of Scorsese

The legendary director, Martin Scorsese teamed up with Jackson and formed a short film for the song “Bad“. People usually hear the short version of the music video but the video actually has two parts. Scorsese says that he was completely mesmerised by the extraordinary power of his shamanistic persona and every movement of his muscle had a beautiful resonance.

5. Michael As A Pet-Lover

We all know the famous pet of Michael called Bubbles, the chimpanzee. Bubbles became well-behaved and quickly developed traits of a human. He learned to use the toilet, eat at the dining room with Jackson and was even taught how to moonwalk! What we don’t know is that Jackson also had a loving pet called Muscles which was a boa constrictor. Muscles was famous as he accompanied Jackson to the recording studio!

6. The iconic hand glove

The most defining clothing item of Jackson is the hand-glove which was sewn with Swarovski crystals by Bill Whitten. Many assumed that the glove was simply for style and signature but it wasn’t. Jackson used the glove to masquerade his early stages of Vitiligo which caused the skin to change colour and form blotches.


7. The Collab between the King Of Pop And Freddie Mercury

Freddie Mercury, the frontman of Queen and Michael Jackson were going to make a collaborative album. Unfortunately, the album never finished because the relationship had soured between the two stars. We know Michael Jackson was an animal lover so he insisted on bringing a llama into the recording studio. Naturally, Mercury did not entertain his behaviour as recording with a llama nearby was a bizarre idea. Jackson also got infuriated when he objected Mercury for taking too much of cocaine.

8. The Gravity-Defying Shoes

The epic forty-five degree “lean” in Smooth Criminal still manages to blow my mind. The magic lies in his specially-designed shoes that involved hooking retractable pegs with a small slot in the heels. Just a little twitch in his shoes and he showed the world that he could defy the laws of physics!

9. The Black Armband

In 1988, he started to wear the black armband usually on his right arm. He got inspiration from the 1960’s war protestors who also wore black arm-bands as a sign of protest. He stated that as long as there are underprivileged children in our world, he would continue to wear the armband.

10. The “Real” Talent

The most astonishing fact is that Jackson composed his songs without the knowledge of any instrument. He did not play any instruments so he usually fabricated every component of a track with his own voice. This way the musicians could coordinate the chords with his pitch-perfect voice.


A star whose legacy shall forever remain in my heart, whose “cosmic” music will always melt me because of its sheer brilliance. The journey of a man, his tragic childhood, the way he moulds himself into one of the biggest sensations, earning him the rightful throne of “The King of Pop” is something truly inspiring and life changing!

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