Interesting fact about the Civil War

Interesting Fact about the Civil War

The American Civil War was between the United States of America and the Confederate States of America. The Confederate States has eleven southern states that left the Union in 1860-1861. This conflict started fundamentally because of the difference in opinion over the issue of slavery. Interesting Fact about the Civil War has been listed below

Interesting fact about the Civil War

The Civil War has helped mould the present United States. So, following are a few facts which everyone should know.

    1. The Union Army was twice the size of the Confederate Army.
    2. The bloodiest war ever fought on American soil is the Civil War. Eventually, after the end of the war, 618,000 people died.
    3. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that almost 66% of the deaths caused was because of diseases. The camps became breeding grounds of malaria, chickenpox and other deadly diseases.
    4.  The Black Union soldiers were paid very less compared to the white soldiers. So, the Black soldiers refused their salaries for 18 months.



    5. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that Harriet Tubman was an escaped slave. He led a raid to free slaves from captivity. She taught women different skills so that they could profit out of the war.
    6. The youngest soldier in the civil war was a 9-year-old boy. He was from Mississippi. The oldest man in the Civil war was an 80-year old.
    7. Almost 800 men burned to death at the Battle of Wilderness as they were not able to escape the spreading bush fire.
    8. The deadliest one day fight is the Battle of Antietam. More than 5000 soldiers died at Antietam.
    9. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that Dr Mary Edwards was the first woman surgeon in the American civil war. She is also the first woman surgeon in U.S. military history.
    10. Horses and other carriers had around a 7-month life expectancy during the Civil War. Around 300,000 horses died. In the Batlle. of Gettysburg, almost 3000 horses were killed.Interesting fact about the Civil War
    11. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that Lincoln was taken shots at and nearly assassinated, almost two years before he was killed.
      Late one August night in 1863, after a session in the White House, Lincoln rode alone with hid horse towards his summer residence. A shot was heard and the horse started to gallop in the compound. Lincoln clarified that a shot had gone off at the foot of the slope, sending the horse galloping so quick that it knocked off his hat. Later, two soldiers recovered Lincoln’s hat, which had a shot opening directly through it. The president requested that the soldiers stay quiet about the occurrence because he did not want to stress his wife.
    12. Before William Tecumseh Sherman turned into an incredible Union general, he was demoted because he was considered insane. In October 1861, William Tecumseh Sherman, an officer of Union powers in Kentucky, told U.S. Secretary of War Simon Cameron he required 60,000 men to safeguard his region and 200,000 to go into all-out attack mode.
      Cameron called Sherman’s request “insane” and expelled the general from order. In a letter to his sibling, Sherman stated,

“I do think I Should have committed suicide were it not for my children. I do not think that I can again be trusted with command.”

In February 1862, Sherman was reassigned to Paducah, Kentucky, under Ulysses S. Grant, who saw the ability in the general. Later in the war, when non-military personnel insulted Grant, Sherman shielded his companion, saying,

“General Grant is a great general. He stood by me when I was crazy, and I stood by him when he was drunk; and now, sir, we stand by each other always.”

13. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that the Civil War was known by many names. Some of them are “The War to Suppress Yankee Arrogance,” “The Brothers War,” “The War of the Rebellion” and “The War for the Union.”


14. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that President Abraham Lincoln’s personal copy of the Emancipation Proclamation would be worth millions if it were still in existence. It was donated to the Chicago Historical Society in 1864 but got destroyed in the Great Fire of 1871.

15. Court military records during the Civil War list more than 100,000 occurrences of sexual offence and misconduct.

16. One interesting fact about the civil war is that among Union white soldiers, specialists treated more than 73,000 troopers for syphilis and more than 109,00 for gonorrhoea. African American suffered more than that of the white troops.

17. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that the Union armed forces attempted government-sanctioned prostitution in Nashville and Memphis from 1863 to1865. The rate of venereal sickness declined sharply.

18. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that Almost 1/3 of Union Army fighters were foreigners (7.5% were Irish; 10% were German). Other migrant troopers were French, Italian, Polish, English, and Scottish. Around 1 out of 10 were African American.

19. During the Civil War, commanders led the army. So, the commander’s deaths were more predictable.

20. Although, both the North and South didn’t permit ladies in the military, it is assessed that 250-400 ladies battled camouflaged as men.

21. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that “Quaker weapons” were big guns that were utilized by the two sides through the Civil War to create confusion about troop location and strength.

22. Despite the fact that many key battles occurred in Virginia and the state was home to the Confederacy’s capital, it really had fewer slaveholders: 2,184 out of more than 1 million Virginians.

23. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that to prevent escape at Camp Douglas in Chicago, detainees were not permitted to wear garments. Indeed, even covers were removed. Numerous Confederates froze to death.

24. While General Robert E. Lee opposed slavery, he led the Confederate Army out of loyalty to Virginia, his home state.

25. America’s famous poet, Walt Whitman was a medical caretaker in the Civil War.

26. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that Edward Everett, the primary speaker at Gettysburg, spoke for 2 hours. President Abraham Lincoln later spoke for 2 minutes. His speech went down in history.

27. One interesting fact about the civil war is that in 1860, two states had a greater number of slaves than free individuals: Mississippi and South Carolina.

28. The Civil War kept going four years. The thirteenth Amendment comprises of 48 words.

29. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that the common medication for the Civil War was calomel, a mercury blend of chalk, nectar and liquorice. It was utilized to get everything from syphilis to migraines. At the point when one Union armed force specialist, William Hammond, noticed that mercury was toxic, he was excused as a quack and expelled from his post.

30. Just two individuals were sentenced for atrocities in the Civil War. The main was Confederate Captain Henry Wirz. He was attempted and executed after the war for homicide and trick related with his command at Andersonville, a scandalous jail camp. The second was Ferguson.

31. In the North, expansion rose 100% over the four years of the Civil War. In the South, the rate approached 100% each time of the war. Following Lee’s give up at Appomattox, it took 1,200 Confederate dollars to purchase 1 U.S. dollar.

32. Prior to the Civil War, roughly 5,000 slaves endeavoured to escape every year. During the war, the number expanded to at least 5,000 for every month.

33. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that there were around 200,000 Civil War abandonments from the Union side and more than 120,000 from the Confederate positions. An expected 85,000 Union men fled to Canada. Of the 76,000 betrayers who were gotten, practically all came back to obligation. Formally, 141 were executed.

34. One interesting fact about the civil war is that the Industrial Revolution encouraged the large scale manufacturing of weaponry, however, the clinical transformation and its utilization of cleaning agents were still years away. Furthermore, while rifled weapons and smaller increased firing range, fighters despite everything utilized conventional military techniques, which relied upon massed infantry at short proximity. The entirety of this prompted high death rates and unreasonably bleeding fights. The Civil War became to be known as the first modern war.

35. Interesting Fact about the Civil War is that Most Southerners were not slaveholders. Truth be told, not exactly a fourth of “whites” had any immediate association with servitude. In any case, there were somewhere in the range of 3 and 4 million African American slaves, which represented population in the South.

36. In the North, African Americans were dependent upon the Union draft. In border states, slaves could be drafted and their slave proprietors paid for each slave who joined the army.

37. One interesting fact about the civil war is that at Fort Sumter, the war started with shots discharged from Edmund Ruffin, a Virginia grower and slaveholder, and New York-conceived Abner Doubleday (who, disputably, designed the baseball). Both endure the war, yet Ruffin ended it all after Lee gave up. Nobody was executed at Fort Sumter.

38. The North expected to win since 1) they had more men to battle (22 million individuals in the North versus 7 million white individuals in the South), 2) there were more manufacturing plants in the North to make weapons and bullets, and 3) the North had more railways for moving firearms and supplies.

39. One interesting fact about the civil war is that The South expected to win since
– the Northerners didn’t have the foggiest idea about their way around the South, where the vast majority of the battling would happen
-Southern ranchers were at that point talented marksmen and riding ponies, and 3) they were battling to spare a method for life.

40. One interesting fact about the civil war is that Confederate General Thomas J. “Stonewall” Jackson got his moniker during the main Battle of Bull Run. During the fight, his men noted he stood “like a stone divider.” He was later unintentionally shot and executed by his own men.

41. Stonewall Jackson got chloroform for the removal of his left arm. On his deathbed, he described that being anaesthetized was the “most magnificent physical sensation I ever experienced.”

These are some of the important facts on civil war. The first twenty points are some of the key facts on the Civil War. The rest can be considered as secondary but also quite important. To know more about the history check other blog posts!

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